Editorial Policy

Edinburgh49 is dedicated to supporting creative work and those who make it happen. The guiding principle of our editorial policy is that our assessments should provide punters with a trustworthy consumer guide and producers with an informed peer-review. Edinburgh49 reviews address all aspects of the work seen – not the work as it might, should or could have been.

As of September 2014 Edinburgh49 began using ★★★★★ ratings!

Like some other review titles, Edinburgh49 has been wary of star ratings. A show rated 3 stars or less might not attract the audiences that solid work, done well, deserves. Additionally, perceived ‘star inflation’, especially at the Fringe, has seemed to devalue the endorsement of a high star rating.

However, after our first year, we determined that the positives outweigh the negatives. Star ratings are helpful indicators. So long as readers are reasonably clear how a title awards its stars, and so long as producers continue to use pull-quotes to support the endorsement, star ratings serve as reliable shortcuts to the best reviews and to the best productions.

NB. If you are a producer and would like to discuss your rating, or any other aspect of your review, please get in touch.

‘Nae Bad’ & ‘Outstanding’

A good review should be able to take subjective views into account while still presenting a balanced and informed opinion.

The Edinburgh49 team uses our ‘Nae Bad’ & ‘Outstanding’ labels as a means of articulating reviewers’ personal reactions to the shows they see. Thus a 3-star show might still be thought ‘Outstanding’ if our writer thinks something truly memorable has been achieved.

outstandingnae bad_blue

Edinburgh49 focuses on identifying the best and the brightest on the arts scene.

Edinburgh49 is not a listings site.

Edinburgh49 only covers work with an EH postcode.

Our rules for reviewers:

  1. Review fully. Review speedily.

  1. Review honestly.

  1. Do not review for friends, lovers, or rivals.

  1. Review with a clear and open mind.

  1. Review others as you would wish to be reviewed.